Easter Can you find the notes without looking at the guitar challenge results..

So our little easter challenge has come to a close and heres the results for both under 16s and the slightly over 16s... in the under 16s competition Daniel just beat off Kierans time of 1.12.80 to lead the pack and the adult's saw Matthew totally wipe the others out with a sub 30sec time!

Heres the top 10 for both:

Daniel: 1.10.75

Kieran: 1.12.80

Shantanu: 1.15.15

Mac: 1.16.10

Millie: 1.16.41

Charlotte: 1.17.95

CJ: 1.17.97

Connor: 1.24.83

Amy: 1.38.90

Phillipe: 1.43.47


Matthew: 0.27.10

Michael: 1.18.89

Christian: 1.23.50

Paul: 1.34.17

Tony: 1.50.50

Val: 1.52.24

Dave: 1.52.71

David: 2.58.95

Richard: 3.33.93

Jamie: 3.48.33

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